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Prescription medication and dentistry



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Jun 28, 2009
In my own crazy little mind
Hi all

I have been prescribed a low dose of Amitriptyline for pain caused by a condition I have.

I was going to start taking them tonight but I haven't taken any yet because I notice on the leaflet it says you need to contact the doctor if you are due to have surgery including dental with anaesthetic. I will be needing LA in my next trip to the dentist.

Does LA count as anaesthetic in this case or do they mean general anaesthetic?

What are the reasons? Does it cause bad effects?

Would be pleased if anyone can shed light on this??
I was given Amitriptyline once for what I thought was trigeminal neuralgia (thankfully shortlived). I think I took one or two and then left the rest as I was having some mild side effects and also wasn't comfortable taking an anti depressant for something nurofen plus was helping more than anything else. As for your question, I found this online:

"If possible, discontinue amitriptyline several days before surgery. But if emergency surgery is unavoidable, the anaesthetist should be informed that the patient is being treated with amitriptyline because anaesthesia may increase the risk of hypotension and arrhythmias."
Thanks Annie, that's helpful.

Understand how you feel about it, I was reluctant to try it because of that but unfortunately the pain etc with my condition is can't be controlled enough with nurofen plus and other OTC painkillers. It has been suggested by my specialist so I thought I should give it a try and see how I am on it.

Thanks again for your help!!
Your dentist should avoid using local with Epinephrine in it if you're taking Amitryptiline, there's a risk of severe hypertension.

No big deal, there are plenty of non-Epi anaesthetics around to choose from.
Thanks for replying Gordon!

I will let the dentist know so they are prepared.

I assume that there is no difference in how well they work?!? I mean do the non epi ones work just as well??
Pretty much the same, the non-epi ones wear off a bit differently, they take a bit longer and the tingly stage is longer. They're equally effective though :thumbsup:
Agh! That is the worst part the wearing off part! I hate it so much.

Ok, at least they work as well though....I will have to deal with it, maybe I can sleep through the wearing off part!!

Thanks again Gordon!