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prescription toothpaste


brooke cole

Well-known member
Mar 20, 2015
Ohio USA
Hey guys. So my dentist prescribed me a special type of toothpaste. I have no gum disease or whatever I'm not sure what its for. But anyway I'm honestly kinda hesitant to use it. Has anyone been prescribed a toothpaste before and has it helped? :cry:
What toothpaste were you given? I'm using a prescription toothpaste and mouthwash right now. They have stannous flouride in them to help strengthen my teeth and kill bacteria before my cleaning and fillings. Are they working any better than the normal stuff? I don't know. The toothpaste just seems like normal mint toothpaste, although the mouthwash is really disgusting tasting and makes my mouth feel really gross and dry, like I was swishing rubbing alcohol. But I figure, the dentist recommended it, it didn't break the bank, and it can hardly hurt, so why not.
Mine is called SF 5000 plus but I haven't used it yet.
Looks like it has sodium flouride in it, which will strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to cavities, like the stuff I'm using. If you've already got it, I don't see why you shouldn't use it. I mean, as long as you aren't literally eating tubes of it, it's not going to hurt you.
Ok thanks. I just used it and tastes minty like regular tooth paste.
Yes my dentist(s) has given me special toothpaste for the last 8? years, has it helped yes by reduced the amount of dental work.
I also use a prescription toothpaste. My gums are also fine. The toothpaste is to help prevent decay as it has extra fluoride in it. It's best to use it at night (you can use a regular toothpaste in the morning) and you should not eat or drink anything (even water) for at least 30 minutes after you use it. You should not rinse your mouth after you use it either. This is to allow the toothpaste to soak into your teeth and work. I've only been using it for about a year. It's hard to know how well it's working, but it can't hurt. I was given the prescription toothpaste because, despite really good oral hygiene, I was still having a lot of decay.
Ok thanks everyone! This toothpaste is helping and I have followed its directions.