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Pressure Sensation in head after Panoramic X-RAY



Junior member
Feb 9, 2013
Hi, I had a Panoramic XRAY last Saturday as part of a dental consultation and since then I have had a strange
pressure sensation at the top and back of my head. I am 100% certain it is becasue of the XRAY. The sensation does not bother me but the worry of what might have been done to my head does.
Can anybody allay my fears.
Did the machine hit your head?
Did you sprain a muscle while in the machine?
Have you been grinding or clenching your teeth?
Your received about 10 microsieverts dose. A ride in a plane will give you a higher dose than that.
Thanks for the reply. No none of those things happended to me. Yes I have heard the comparsion between flights and X-Rays before but the dose of radiation you get in a flight is probably spread over a number hours
where as with the X-Ray you are getting the same dosage in few seconds. During the X-Ray the rotating arm
did brush of my shoulder which may have slowed it down and concentrated the dose. These are just some of the ideas that are going through my head as to why I have the sensation.

Also I googled "Panormaic X-Ray headache" and did it get some hits so it looks like I am not the only one who has experienced this.
Oooooooooooh google is not your friend, it'll scare you half to death :o:)
I agree with Carole. I never get headaches or any other pains in my head but maybe I am sensitive to radiation.
Hopefully it will pass in the next day or so.