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Private work done whilst under sedation for NHS work?



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Dec 29, 2010
Is this possible? I've been told half my work is being done but there are some fillings that I OK'd but after consideration have decided I would perhaps want white fillings depending on cost....
My sedation is in ten days time so I was thinking of just phoning the dentist clinic and asking about it seeing if the dentist could help.
Sorry for so many questions...it's all happening here right now :shame:

Had my own question answered.

I was referred from my normal dentist practice to a sedation dentist for various work.The normal dentist assured me I would pay 48.50 less the 16.50(?) check up charge and he would be able to do it all under one sedation treatment.
However when I got there he said the work was too much to do under treatment and would be split.
1. From his change in my treatment plan I can only assume I will now have to pay 48.50 for this treatment and 48.50 for the second sedation and work which he has left up in the air and said will be done " at a later stage"?
2. He charged me the full 48.50, when questioned the nurse said it was a different practice so it was the full cost, is this right? I would of questioned further but I was awfully nervous.
3. I accept that I have to have the white filling done under local only at my normal dentist otherwise the sedation would be private(I'm not happy about it though).

Surely though my normal dentist would of been doing various visits on me but just charge me one band for all the work,does his change in treatment band sound right to other dentists out there?

I mean he's meant to be on an NHS contract and I just feel a bit like the wool is being pulled over my eyes. I don't mind paying for the white filling,having to do it somewhere else is slightly grating but having to pay twice for what was proposed to be one course therefore one badn of treatment under the NHS feels unfair.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NHS dentist has "split" treatment for sedation?

This link seems to imply that you pay one fee per course of treatment and that if a referral is involved you still pay the one fee (what your dentist said).

It's confusing though and your case doesn't seem to fit what it states.

It could be that the sedation is on a private basis, albeit arranged by the NHS- and that therefore a sedation charge of 48 is payable each time you are sedated.

As per this bit:
"If you are referred to a private dentist (and you accept this option) you will:
pay the appropriate NHS band charge to the dentist who referred you, and
pay a fee for the dental work that is carried out by the private dentist who you are referred to".

If you do find out the rationale , please update us.
To clarify I will need to pay two separate 40 odd quid charges or whatever it is after many phone calls. I just wanted clarity and I got it so am happy.