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Problem with Gums



Junior member
Nov 27, 2013
for the past 6 months i have been under gum pain that i cannot resolve.

it started with the loss of my pet, which triggered a depression/sadness, and since
then i have suffered gum/nerve pain. I have been to specialists (periodontist) on gums and teeth,
which have cleaned and basically said to continue my same dental habits of brushing several times
a day, and that eventually the gums would heal naturally.

with this, since the pain has not resided, it occurs from each time i brush, i have
tried over 20 different types of toothbrushes, everything from soft to medium ect..,
also have used about dozen types of toothpastes, mouth washes, gels and nothing
seems to resolve the irritation.

I have noticed the pain comes from brushing, when i brush too close to the teeth
gum line, and in result, the burning sensation occurs, and in order to remove plaque
with excessive brushing became a little bit reddish and receding.

I am aware the human body is designed to heal itself, and i am hopefully doing everything
that is required, from proper diet ( i am a vegetarian, but i am also taking the needed vitamins).
my other concerns are that since the bushing to remove the plaque buildup is important
to keep up, so it won't lead to gingivitis and other gum/teeth diseases, i am in constant
stress of trying to find the balance of keeping my teeth clean, and healthy, without
the gum irritation.

I know stress, emotional worries, fears, don't help the healing process, and the longer
this continues, i do worry that it will become chronic pain, and will never heal.

i would also like to mention about my gum irritation, that the pain is in specific area
of the outer parts of several lateral teeth up and down (where I've been brushing energetically
to whiten them), while frontal and back teeth have no irritation, and also there is no irritation
in whole inner side of any teeth. And also, toothpastes such as Colgate and vademecum started to peel
the oral mucosa inside my mouth, while the mouthwashes such as Listerine and lacalut are giving me a
burning sensation.

I am here to ask for help, to seek and understand why this is happening, are the
nerves in the gums just very sensitive right now for myself, and i need to be more careful
when brushing, and also, how to keep the plaque buildup minimum while keeping my
teeth clean and healthy, and having no gum pain.

thank you
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I cannot answer your question really as I am not a dentist. But certain toothpastes can make your gums peel as you have said I have also found that colgate does this to me too.

I use sensodyne, an electric toothbrush and gentle brushing will do more good. If you use a manual brush use a soft brush and circular movements. There is no need to scrub at the gums as this will cause damage. I also find salt water warmed is a good alternative to mouth wash. A dentist years ago told me it was as good as anything you will buy.

Brush twice a day morning and last thing at night for at least 2 mins. Floss daily as well. It could be that you are brushing too hard and that your teeth are sensitive, the sensodyne may help with this.

After eating don't brush for at least an hour after, rinsing after eating is good. :butterfly:
I can't diagnose from distance, but still, I can try...
Is it a constant pain/sensitivity?
You mentioned that it is painful during brushing, is there any other stimuli that provokes pain, like cold drinking, chewing, acidic drinks?