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Problem with my Front teeth :(



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Feb 21, 2014
Hey everyone im 21, and for about year now ive acquired some really bad habits from depression and (junk food, and heavy soda drinker) i never brushed my teeth for this amount of time, but now i have relised my ways and have stopped all together on drinking soda and only drink water, and now brush my teeth normally, and am on a diet to eat healthier. But because of what i did to myself in that year, i have noticed a farely large area on my left front tooth, t words the top of my tooth around the gum.

This is a really hard problem for me, because i am atm overweight and had self-esteem issues, and it just hit rock bottom when i looked into the mirror.

Will i end up losing my front teeth? or can there be something done?!
I should be going to the dentist soon, i just want to know what you guys think.

Please and thanks


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Hi WELCOME :jump::jump::jump: to the forum.

I am not a dentist so I cannot answer your question. But it is amazing what they can do with out teeth these days to save them. The sooner you can manage to go and see a dentist the sooner you can stop to worry about what might be, and then you can with the dentist discuss what can be done and how.

I wish you well and hope you get to see a dentist soon to help you Good luck :clover::clover::clover: let us know how you get on please :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:
A quick reply....
Looking at your picture I see teeth with gum around them that are positioned nicely with a normal smile line, a good midline, nicely orientated in your mouth. The only problem I see in the picture is the one you said that they are decayed, stained, and decalcified. The good thing with what I see is that you could look great aesthetically.

I can't say what all is involved in treatment but when someone presents with a good form I'm always excited to treat them because I know how nice the final result will be.