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problem with teeth i need urgent help!!



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Mar 9, 2017
Dear sir/madam

Please could you help me and give me some urgent advice regarding my teeth

My problem is that I have finally after 25 years and had a terrible experience regarding a dentist I had in Plymouth which made me me feel nervous and uncomfortable everytime I went there
i moved away and left denists a thing of the past or so i thought!

Anyway I have finally come to admit I finally have bad teeth and I would like this problem erased from my life i have several problems and have felt severely depressed sucidal through this before but now i just want things sorted

i live with my parents who have no idea about my teeth since problem and its getting worse im so scared to tell them regarding them being old and me with stupidity letting it get like this ?i have tried several things like superglue which didnt work so now denistry feels my only option but it looks like a costly one i cant really afford and i dont know how to deal with it?
I currently I would say 3 teeth on both sides on the bottom are broken that includes one wisdom tooth which look dead but doesn’t give me much pain now but just looks awful and has shattered my confidence I probably have another three teeth which have fallen out completely out altogether- I also have one tooth on the right top side at the back has broken also and possibly a couple of fillings plus clean of teeth & plus maybe acrylic dentures.

Anyway moving on I currently work part time only and earn £8,000 a year due to epilepsy problem but im not entitled to any disabled contributions for this condition which limits my finances unfortunately and I spose in some ways this and being nervous has stopped me going years ago to the dentist

So I have a few questions I live in Christchurch dorset

So is it easy to get on the nhs patient list and is there any I could join nearby &would I be entitled to it as a new patient?

I would like somewhere that is open preferably treats nervous patients and is open in the evenings or weekends?

Could someone explain this bands you get for treatment a,b,c and would I get these pricing bands?

Also for the above treatment could I really have a rough estimate of the expense this would be nhs and private dentistry

Also if I started treatment asap if available how long would it take to complete visits treatment etc

Also would denplan cover this and would it be a cheaper way of doing this and how much would it cost per month and how long would payments last?

Many thanks

I look forward to hearing from you asap

feeling awful about this
Philip :shame: :cry::confused:
You can get dental treatment from any NHS dentist - providing they have appointments open. You would need to call NHS dentists near you to find out if they have appointment spaces. Some may not have space for a new NHS patients, and others might have to put you on a waiting list. There can also be some waiting between appointments with the NHS. As for prices, this page covers the pricing bands: https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/dentists/dental-costs/how-much-will-i-pay-for-nhs-dental-treatment/

As you can see, the max you have to pay is £233. That will cover one full course of treatments, fillings and extractions, partials, whatever it is you need done. You can ask the dentist about paying in installments.

Private practices all charge different fees. They are almost always more expensive, and the biggest price increase comes from more complicated procedures involving crowns and bridges. However, if you work out a payment plan with them, you may decide it's worth it for shorter waiting times.

You'll need to do some Googling and phoning around to get a good gauge of what dentists are available to you, and to find out the prices for private treatment.

Hope this helps
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many thanks Sevena for replying in my hour of need i really do appreciate it so much it finally feels like i can overcome this fear at last i am going to look into those options you have said and hopefully i can one near me which i wont be on a nhs waiting list for too long and get my fear done with once and for all

many thans again