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Problem with teeth



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Jun 1, 2020
Hi all. First of all, thanks for creating a forum like this. It is not easy to talk about dental problems with everyone. I never gave my teeth the importance they deserve (My parents did not care about my dental health and it is very expensive in my country) And recently I began to become aware of the importance of teeth and this pandemic has happened.

I grinding my teeths everyday by bruxism (not just when I sleep), got lots of cavities and I had a gingival treatment in February. The dentist said there is no retraction of the gums but my cavities are really really bad. One molar is completely broken, but with the nerve and another is very small by my bruxism. All my appointments with dentistst was canceled by Cod-Vid. I'm desperate, I bought a dental guard by amazon until I can use a personalised one, but a friend told me that is not recommended to use it. Is even better use nothing if is not done by a professional. Also I'm worried because sometimes I notice that I can move a frontal tooth with my fingers, although I cannot see it, other times it is as if I returned to the site. Is that normal?
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Any guard is better than nothing, so use the Amazon one.
Slight movement of teeth in their socket is normal, they aren't stuck firmly in the bone, there is a little ligament between the 2 which helps to absorb the shocks of chewing and biting.