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Procedure tomorrow, really anxious



Junior member
Aug 6, 2014
Hello all,

This is my first post on these forums. I have read through many other posts and journals to kind of get an idea of what I am in for. Tomorrow I am having 10 teeth removed (Had 4 removed about 2 years ago) and partial upper and lower dentures put in place.

One thing I have begun to read about that I had not been informed of is bone loss. My dentist has not said anything to me about this topic and I honestly didn't know about it until a day or so ago. I am extremely anxious now about having anything done and it majorly changing my face. My brain keeps thinking that I can hide bad teeth inside my mouth but I can not hide my face.

Does anyone have anything knowledge to share on the subject or personal experience.

Thank you

I'm sorry I have no helpful info about bone loss or personal experience with these kinds of extractions, just read your post and wanted to see how things went. Looks like that was going to be a HUGE appointment. Hope all went well and you are on the road to recovery.
I have experienced very severe bone loss over the last few years,I had dentures for a number of years,but when they became loose and ill fitting ,I kept having new ones made,but the result was just the same,it got to the point where a denture just would not hold in without fixative cream,it was awful.

My dentist recommended standard implants, as I had suffered severe bone loss,that is why the dentures wouldn't hold.
Long story short I had a bone graft,and 6 months later i had the implants.
I had 8 in total 4 in the top jaw and 4 in the lower.
Unfortunately, the implants failed,as the bone hadn't fused with my own bone.
I lost them one by one over a period of 2 years,just two at the bottom survived,that was 8 years ago,I have since moved on to more extreme measures, a new treatment only been out a few years its called zygomatic implants,and it is very expensive, and not a very pleasant op either,but I have had no other choice.

Had I gone for implants as soon as my teeth were pulled,and not gone for a denture,maybe it would have been a different story,as I probably had enough bone at that time.
But once dentures are in,the bone seems to deteriorate quite quickly,I am not saying that it is the same for everyone, but in my case,I lost bone density quite rapidly.

My mum has worn dentures for many years and has no problems whatsoever,and she just has new ones made about every 5/6 years when they work a bit loose.

I would discuss it with your dentist,they can usually tell if you will be prone to future bone loss to how it looks now.
Hope this helps,and I wish you all the best in your dental journey.

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