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Psyching myself up to speak up tomorrow



Well-known member
Jul 9, 2022
I'm trying to psych myself up to tell my dentist about my two orthodontic consultations when I go see him tomorrow.
I feel like it is best for me that he know what happened at these consultations.
Last time I was at the dentist I couldn't bear to tell him about the consultations.
I have a serious problem with having a hard time talking to dentists and so far have damaged myself by not telling dentists about an abcess/infection, various orthodontic problems, problems I wanted help with, and treatments I wanted or didn't want. I am always getting tongue tied, anxious and flustered and afraid I will do it again tomorrow. I have rehearsed a lot of times how to tell him. I always feel like he is in such a rush and it makes it harder.
I would be very grateful for any advice or support.
I would type out the information and ask him/her to read it. I've done that myself at several specialist appointments (I'm somehow okay with my own GP and dentist), and they've never refused to read about my situation/concerns. I also read it out loud to myself at home first, and time that action, so that I can tell the doctor how long a read it will be. And (obviously), keep it as short and direct as possible.
I successfully talked about it after repeated rehearsal, and was actually really proud of myself. The dentist was clearly super rushed too, and usually this would make it so I would feel I couldn't speak up and take their time, but I did it anyways, because I need to look out for myself too. I hope, and want to believe I am on a path to no longer hurting myself by not being able to give important information to dentists. I used your suggestion of writing it out @LittleLynnie but used the notes for myself while rehearsing.
It's hard to say "you should do this.." because we all have our hang ups. I'm really glad you were able to talk about what you needed to talk about and I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner because I would have loved to at least try to pep talk you. But it turns out you didn't need it!

Be proud.

My usually strategy for this is to just start blurting he things out without too much thinking. I have to force myself to every dentist's appointment, but once I get there I go for the gusto.

I don't know if that helps you at all but I am very proud of you. I love this forum and I love that we all can come together to try to lend each other a shoulder to lean on.
@adendum4567 Thanks for the tip and support! I appreciate it. I hope to get to the point I can blurt things out. That would definitely be the best! I agree with you about the forum, I feel like this is the only place people understand me, and I am so grateful for it!

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