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Pus Drainage Anxious please advise!!!



Junior member
Oct 29, 2016
Hi so a week ago I started tasting something odd in my saliva and realized I was pussing from an infected tooth. I went to a dentist and he prescribed me amoxicillin 500mg 4x a day. Then I immediately scheduled a tooth extraction for that following Monday.

The dosage of the antibiotics killed my stomach I was in agony just straight burning my whole belly felt hot and I was sick to my stomach and yes I took the antibiotics with food. I took 3 - 4 pills before having to stop and contact that dentist to ask what I should do. He switched me to another antibiotic that starts with an E (sorry bottle isn't in front of me) and the bottle stated so much garbage like must be taken on an empty stomach do not take pill 1 hour before eating and at least 2-3 hours after eating. My stomach burning and nausea ensued...

By Monday I got my tooth extracted and was prescribed again 500mg amoxicillin but 3x a day - I took my first dose that evening and felt like death - more burning stomach

Tuesday I visited my oral surgeon for the follow up and he said "I scrubbed your socket very good honestly if the antibiotics have been giving you such a hard time just stop taking them the mouth looks like it's healing just fine."

I've been tasting an odd taste and spitting out something but idk what it is... I can't see a distinct color maybe it's a slight tinge of white or light yellow but my spite mostly just looks clear but I can taste something else in there... I'm freaking out is this puss is that infection?! My stomach can't handle more antibiotics idk what to do.

I had to return to the surgeon again today (Friday) for a separate appt he didn't seem concerned at all he said that it's a wound it's healing discharge is normal - but I'm still concerned and worried.

Does anyone have any insight on this topic I've googled and haven't found much info. I don't have any pain to that area or swelling. I can't sleep just anxious about this :( please advise.
If he looked at the socket and it is healing fine, I'd agree with him about stopping the antibiotics. A small amount of discharge is a normal part of the healing process.
If he looked at the socket and it is healing fine, I'd agree with him about stopping the antibiotics. A small amount of discharge is a normal part of the healing process.

If it's still happening 7 days later (specifically when I lay down and go to sleep) is this a point to go back to my dentist? What is a normal amount of time for this?
I'd probably give it another week before going back to see him. If you notice any extra swelling or increased pain, those would be reasons to have it checked out sooner.
I am sooo crying and upset now. I'm having the same issues as CK has now.

My socket that is on Day 30 started oozing a bit of white discharge. I read that white or yellow discharge is sign of infection.

I had taken Amoxicillin 500mg x 3 a day for 7 days two weeks ago and it all seemed fine since then. I used to have a bad tasting very yellow discharge from the area.

Now I have a slight white discharge, it looks like a bit of strings but it's totally white, doesn't taste bad at all.

I don't have any pain or swelling or anything like that. I'm just over this whole wisdom teeth disaster I've been going through.

Anyone have any experience about white discharge only? I'm losing my mind and I am slowly going nuts now that it's been 30 days. I seriously regret taking out my wisdom teeth. My oral surgeon is extremely unhelpful.