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putting it off for five years


mr snaggletooth

Junior member
Sep 19, 2017
I'm 60year old guy living in Honolulu. My dentist told me , when I was 45, that my teeth would be gone by my mid-fifties, he was right.

I've had bad dentists, the latest one never informed me to get caps. The childhood one was a pedophile, used to have me come after hours and would drill good teeth, extremely painful, and by the time I was 15 my teeth were shot.

I brushed my teeth, flossed them religiously, got infrequent cleanings, and smoked. That did it. I hardly ate sweets after 18 but started guzzling liters of coke at 50 bcuz of physical work I was doing. And smoking. That must have been it.

It doesn't matter they're gone. Endentulous, except three left on top . I'm poor and have been making my own dentures for several years. I've used rocks, yellow Jade and now fake teeth with high school sports mouthguards, very real and nice but only partial, enough to go outside. I have many root tips and they got to go I can feel the leftovers of teeth in my gums and fear the results of having them yanked. Nothing, nothing left.

It has to be done, I don't know where to start.
Hi Mr Snaggletooth
I would suggest you try to find a reputable prosthodontist (avoid dental chains) who can advise you on how best to restore function to your bite and they will then also be able to refer you to a reputable oral surgeon to remove the root tip remains (if they don't do that work themselves - but they may do). If you have no teeth, the options are usually dentures or implant supported dentures.
Remember as an adult you are in control, get more than one opinion if you like and if you don't like any practitioner you meet, simply walk out.
Best wishes

thanks Brit,

your advice is appreciated.
I have no advice other than to start calling oral surgeons or even visit a general dentist that can refer you, but just wanted to wish you luck. I hope you follow through because you deserve to be happy and whole. ?
I'm in agreement that you should contact a reputable Prosthodontist. I had what was considered a hopeless case until I met mine and he helped to come up with a compassionate care plan for me and my specific case.

I understand what you're going through, trying to find different ways to make due until I couldn't any longer was my story. I had the rest of my teeth extracted and bone grafting and sinus lifts done by my Prosthodontist two days ago and I already feel better even though I can't have my implants and permanent bridges for 4-6 months. My temp denture looks a lot better than my old teeth did and my breath is sweeter and no more pain other than soreness from surgery. I wish you the best and I'm here to talk to if you need support. Make the first move you will not regret it.