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Question about braces and MRI



Well-known member
Mar 30, 2009
omaha, nebraska
I am in the process of being scheduled for a closed MRI on my right leg. I will also be getting braces (regular braces, not Invsalign) on my bottom teeth within a few weeks. It is well known that metal objects intefere with MRI's.
My question is: Should I wait until the MRI is done to get my braces on? And then what happens if the doc decides to do it again after my braces are on? I really need to know this.
Ask the person ordering the MRI? :)
After doing considerable research on this issue through various web sites, this is what I have learned. I post this here for the benefit of other members who may have the same question at some point.
I have read that the metal in orthodontic braces pose no problem for MRI when scanning the lower extremities such as the legs, ankles, hios etc. However, the braces may cause some distortion of the images when the head, neck, or chest are the areas being scanned.