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Question about filling that fell out and partial



Junior member
Oct 13, 2020
United States
I have a filling that has fell out of my anchor tooth for my partial. I have unsuccessfully been able to get to the dentist because of my anxiety. It makes me sick at my stomach. Anyway I was wondering, how fast my tooth will get weaker without the filling and it being the anchor tooth for my partial? I plan on trying to make an appt once my stomach calms down. I am just worried about the tooth breaking and my partial not fitting.
That's an impossible question...
However, usually it's possible to work around things if the anchor fails, so even if it does, it's not the end of the world (or the denture!).
So, you are saying that if my anchor tooth breaks or even has to be removed, I could still be able to use the partial? My dentist told me that I would not be able to use it anymore and would have to have all my remaining teeth removed and a full denture placed.
Without actually knowing what your mouth is like and what teeth are involved, then yes, potentially the situation could be fixed.