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Question about food stuck in extraction sites



Junior member
Aug 18, 2008
Hey everyone,

I had my wisdom teeth out almost 2 weeks ago and everything has been going fine except I keep getting food caught in the bottom holes. I read that extraction holes heal from the inside out and therefore nothing will get trapped in there as it's healing, can anyone confirm if this is true?

I was just at the dentist yesterday and I'd hate to keep going back to get the holes flushed. I don't have money for a waterpik for temporary use, what should I do? Just leave it alone? I've seen some people say they've used a syringe to flush their holes, would I be better off asking the dentist for one? I'm afraid I might accidentally jab myself, as I'm a bit clumsy hehe.

Thanks for any help! :)
I would say as it was 2 weeks ago you can rinse a lot more vigorously as well, so after you eat, have a really good rinse with water. Room temperature if the extraction sites and surrounding teeth are sensitive to cold as mine were. I used a syringe to flush mine and did poke myself once. You only ever do it once though as it was quite the shock. It wont do any damage, just smarts a little.
Thank you I rinsed more vigorously and managed to get a bit out, but there is some still trapped. Maybe it's tissue? I can't tell honestly and I'm hoping what I've read about it eventually working its way out as the hole closes from the inside out is true :hmm: I'll call about the syringe
Hi, I know it's been a while for you but I'm a little over stressed about keeping the sockets clean. I'm a little past week 2, I use a syringe but particularly on the right side (lower tooth) there's stuff that I just can't remove. Did you ever have any further complications regarding the issues you described?

Thanks in advance :)