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question about laser cleaning



Junior member
Aug 12, 2021
North America
I have a question about routine dental cleanings, and whether of not laser cleaning much better than a regular scale and polish?
I go for regular cleanings, about every six months or so.

I went to a new hygenist last year, and was shocked at the cost, where this cleaning was over $300. She had used a laser, combined with manual scaling. The appointment lasted about 45 minutes.
Six months later, I went to her for another cleaning, and requested that the laser is not used, for reasons of the cost. She reluctantly agreed to this, with the condition that she will use the laser the next time. (This second cleaning without the laser was about half the cost).
This next appointment for a cleaning is coming up next month. I want to request again that the laser is not used, for reasons of my concern about the need for it, and the cost.
I'm nervous to make this request, and want to respect her work, but it seems like using a laser might very likely be a questionable upsell? Are routine dental cleanings done with a laser significantly better?

Thank you for this forum,
it is really helpful!

All the best.
Thanks for asking this, I just spent an interesting 30 mins reading articles in the dental literature about it :) Which got me out of mowing the lawn for a while anyway :)

The research would suggest that there is potentially some evidence that using a laser as an adjunct in manual cleaning is helpful. However, the differences while statistically significant are not overwhelmingly significant.
Apologies for my somewhat stilted grammar now, that's what reading professional papers does to my brain!

For somebody with a stable gum condition, little active disease, good plaque control etc then any additional benefit would be marginal at best.

Hope that helps a bit :)
Hi Gordon,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. Hopefully the research journal is not funded by a laser manufacturer.:) I'm really not quite sure how good my plaque control is. But I do floss and brush regularly. I recall my dentist made a passing comment to me once previously that '...your teeth are quite worn, but your gums are pretty good.'
The experience of the laser cleaning left me feeling like my gums had been vacummed (hoovered) below the gum-line. The experience seemed more harsh, eventhough my teeth and gums seemed more clean in a strange kind of way. I'm not sure what I will decide, but this information is definitely helpful
Kind regards,
I think if the laser makers had been funding it then the reports would have been more overwhelmingly positive!
I've never actually seen a laser used for gum treatment, so it's an interesting avenue for me to explore. And it got me out of mowing the lawn for a bit (it's all done now, you'll be pleased to hear!).