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question about tiny brown dots on teeth



Well-known member
Mar 27, 2014
I have noticed today 2 tiny brown dots on the tops of my 2 bottom molars (regular teeth not wisdom). I'm pretty sure these teeth have fillings in them as most of my molars do.

I finished up my dental work in September and he hadn't mentioned any cavities on these teeth, there is no pain so what could these dots be??

I'm not keen on having any work right now since I'm pregnant and I don't want the stress.

ZG - I had spots on my teeth that turned out to be stains. Just wanted to offer up an explanation other than decay.
I am agree with FearfulInMA. Dark/Brown spot on enamel could be new small cavities but it could be stains too... You should go to your dentist to know if you have new cavities. I hope you have only stains on your teeth...
I will probably visit him just so he can have a look. I hope they're not cavities! I just had 7 fillings over the summer.