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Question for any adults who still have baby teeth



Well-known member
Jul 9, 2022
I am a middle aged adult who still has a baby tooth. I sometimes get really freaked out by the fact my baby tooth tastes different from my other teeth, especially by the gumline. The taste is a little bit like the way a wound in the mouth tastes. None of my other teeth taste like this. I have noticed this for a few years and have seen the dentist with this several times and they haven't mentioned anything, I didn't mention it to them. The tooth gets sore sometimes too. I am feeling a bit freaked out and was wondering if anyone else has experience with this?
I still have one baby tooth and sometimes I find the gum is a little inflamed around it (I’m aged mid thirties btw). Mine is at the front (lateral incisor). It’s also slightly loose but I don’t notice it taste any different to be honest.
Is yours loose at all?
@CoolCat Thanks for the response. No, mine isn't loose. I used to have one baby tooth on each side, in my mid 30s one of my baby teeth got loose, then got infected and I finally lost it. The one I have now isn't loose though, just weird tasting and occasionally sore. I am going to the dentist next month, I am going to try and remember to tell him about it this time.