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Question for Dentist/Members

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Cronic Dental Phobia

May 14, 2016
After 20 year absence from receiving dental care, I faced the devil phobia that has taken over my life and I went to see a dentist. I chose a dentist that offers oral sedation as I know that I can't get treatment without at least meds to help me get what I need done. So here is how the appointment went: Well when the dentist walked in I explained my situation and that I have a SEVERE dental phobia from tons of BAD experiences stemming from childhood. At the time I'm telling him my story, my heart felt like it was going into overdrive, and I was balling my eyes out. No surprise there, right? Well I told the dentist I wanted NO hook instrument(explorer I think it's called) in my mouth. That thing makes me crazy!!!! So he said no problem and just used a mirror to look.

I have always brushed at least twice daily, floss not so much. I have NO broken teeth but my gums are not so good. I knew this because they bleed and are sore. After looking in my mouth, he said that despite my 20 years absence of dental visits that my teeth actually did not look bad at all. He say no visible cavities. He told me he would need to do x-rays. Now the panic is soaring but I knew I needed to know how bad things were so we did the x-rays. The findings were some bone loss but not a lot. NO cavities were seen between the teeth!!!

So here is the plan that I have questions about, if a dentist on here or member could relate to, or PLEASE advice me on. The dentist said he wants to do a Full mouth Debridement. Yeah so now I'm literally petrified beyond words. Not sleeping and so sick of this phobia. Well I will be sedated along will Novocaine shots, so I'm hoping this will help. After this procedure is complete he said I will need to wait a bit then go back to have my pockets probed for depth. My question(s) is: 1. How bad is this? Pain? How long does it take? 2. The cost of this is CRAZY!!!! What is the normal cost of this procedure?? They gave me the estimate of $1168.00(US).
The estimate says that this procedure is $292.00 per quadrant and I need all quads done. Doesn't that seem high? My concern is not only fear of this procedure but now the expense of it all. I know this MY fault for neglecting my teeth but honestly since I was a small kid, I've had nothing but terrible experiences going to the dentist that have taken over my overall oral health. Any dentist who may read this OR any of you kind members on here that could give me some advice on this procedure and the COST of it, I would so appreciate it.

I will add that I have Insurance but this dentist is out of my network, They will pay him but a smaller percentage. But the insurance I have through my employer is a joke. I have only a $750.00 max per year!!!

I know things could be worse than I'm facing right now, as I have all my teeth and none are broken but I'm so scared of all this that it's taking a toll on my overall health as I can't get all this off my mind. I will say however that if it was not for all of you awesome members on here, I would not of had the courage to seek help in the first place. The support on here is wonderful as we all share the same thing, our FEAR!

Thank-you to any dentist or members who took time to read this and can possible guide me through the questions and concerns I have.
I have never heard of mouth debridement. is that the same as the root scaling and planing that they do for gum disease? if so mine was 500 per quadrant for a total of $2000
I haven't had that procedure, but I have had a lot of dental work. One thing that you might be able to do is go spread the cost over 2 plan years (so depending on when your dental insurance renews each you, you can can some work done before the renewal and some after). That way you can use the $750 per year twice.
Well, from what I've read about this procedure it is a way to treat gum disease and can help a dentist to get a better picture of how deep pockets are after healing from this procedure. My concern here is that after all this will I still need scaling and planing??? I don't think emotionally or financially I can take this all. I know he told me that examining my teeth and the x-rays also showed minimal plaque. I feel fortunate that I guess my brushing has helped but my gums do need some work. I'm very very confused. Also being a single mom, I need to watch my budget.
Based solely on what you have said this sounds 100% reasonable. Fees are very fair or actually on the low side. You are much better off going this route that with some "insurance" office. You can be expected to be treated better and more honest.
I would strongly recommend you continue to go back frequently so you never have to face this level of fear again.
When I had mine done they already measured my pockets first. That was how they decided I had gum disease and needed the root scaling and planing. Then after I had it done and some antibiotics they squirted in the pockets, and a prescription mouthwash and oral antibiotics they measured me again 3 months later and there was much improvement. I was numbed for the procedure and felt less pain than I do during just a regular cleaning.

I think if you are confused about what exactly they plan to do to you, you should ask them to clarify. It's your mouth, and that is a lot of money and you have a right to understand what they want to do and what they hope to achieve by doing it.
Generally antibiotics are used after root planning and then only on selected cases.
Thank-you comfortdentist!!! Could you please explain to me exactly what I can expect from this treatment? Pain???? I am such a phobic!!! Bad times in the chair as a kid from pain to being slapped in the face by my childhood dentist. I even throw up before my appointments. When I went this past week, I would NOT allow the dentist to probe because I just was that scared! That's when he said to have the root debridement(all quads) in one apptointment!!!! What after this is done? How will this feel? I will take the sedation. I'm that scared and the dentist agreed that I need meds. He said I have to gain his trust and I do because all I see is old kid dentist losing it in me. My question: how bad is this going to be? Pain? The dentist said he will numb my mouth. I'm sorry but I'm so scared, I can't function. If I can get over this stupid phobia I promise myself to go on a regular schedule once I get past all this. Please explain to me this procedure. I am not finding much online. Is it similar to scaling and planing. Thank-you for helping me understand.
if it is like scaling and planing you should feel no pain during the procedure because you will be totally numb.
it's a good idea to take some ibuprofen right before your appointment so you don't have to try to swallow it after when you're numb and so it will already be working when the numbness wears off.

when the numbness does wear off there may be some sensitivity to cold for a few days and you may want to avoid eating anything spicy or very acidic because things like orange juice or tomato sauce may sting a little the first day or 2. You will not likely have any toothache type pain. if you do continue the ibuprofen because it is also an anti-inflammatory and will help better than Tylenol would with any swelling in your gums. you may have a little stiffness in your jaw from holding your mouth open so long and from where the shots went.

you should be able to eat normally, other than avoiding spicy acidic foods the first day or hard foods that can scratch your irritated gums. I ate a burger and fries after my numbness wore off and I felt fine. The next day I ate toast and eggs for breakfast. I made spaghetti and meatballs for supper that night because of it being soft but the sauce stung a little so I probably should have made a chicken soup or beef stew instead. the next day I felt as if I had not even had anything done.
I think same thing different words................Please explain to me this procedure. I am not finding much online. Is it similar to scaling and planing. Thank-you for helping me understand.
I'm not sure comfortdentist. I asked the dentist if it was the same as a deep clean. He said no. He called it a scaling and root debridement. My estimate of services that will be performed lists it as " Root Debridement Therapy", UL, LL, UR, LR, hence all quadrants. Each quad cost $292.00. So that is $1168.00(ugh). The happy meds, aka conscious sedation will cost $350.00(ugh x2). For a total of $1518.00. That's why I asked if this does not seem high. I googled "full mouth debridement" and I'm not sure if this is right but it says it should be like $300.00. So I'm confused. I just hope after this is done he isn't going to want me to have scaling and planing too. I can't take this. Honest. I'm a wreck in the chair. Bad times as a kid have so taken a toll on me. Plus I'm a single mom on a budget. I have read nothing but positive things about him, I just don't want to have more and more procedures of not needed. And your right there is some but not much on this procedure online.

The dentist did say that after this I would have to go back and get my pockets probed. I have not had them probed yet because I just can't handle that stuff in my mouth. So at initial visit I told him ONLY mirror. Yea I'm that scared.

I I will say that for about a month now I have been using this mouthwash called Colysis and my word I love this stuff. I have noticed my gums as less puffy and don't hurt or bleed as much. Am I right in using this stuff? Also if you or any member on her could PLEASE recommend a good electric toothbrush I can buy. I'm that determined to get my mouth healthy again!!!! I was thinking oral-b 7000 or a sonicare???? They are expensive but if it will help my gums and teeth and make trips to dentist easier for me, then that's what I need. Thank-you all for your kind responses, they help me so much!!!
Comfortdentist, I also see that procedures are coded. My procedure is coded " 04341 ". Does that help? Sorry, I just need some advice. Thank-you.
@Cronic Dental Phobia Hi. I also have gum inflammation. Mine is in my bottom front gums. The dentist recommended a strengthening toothpaste to me which I have been using. I also use a water pik water flosser and will start using interdental brushes soon because the hygienist I saw today suggested that I also use those. Like you, my teeth are fine. I just want that bit of inflammation to go. I have had inflammation since being in my 20's. I am 39 years old now. I hope your next appointment goes well and I hope we can both get completely healthy gums.
I just realized that this is an old thread. How have you.been since posting this?