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Question for people who have had alot of work done - Obsession



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Nov 10, 2009
So some might find this kind of weird .. but I hope im not alone...

some of you know my story and the large amount of work done in short amount of time.

Heres my question .. do you guys find yourself now obsessing about your teeth ... in a good way I mean.

Its like all i can do is look at them .. Im extra thorough with my cleaning .. and flossing .. and Im extremely careful about what i eat (stopped drinking coffee because I dont want it to stain my teeth for example)

as you guys know .. my fiance is a Hygenist so all I find myself doing is talking about teeth .. asking questions about just random stuff that pops into my head, reading as much as I can on various dental procedures even if Im not getting them.

3 months ago .. you couldn't pry my mouth open with a crow bar when the topic of teeth was ever brought up .. now I cant shut up lol

she says Im Obsessed .. and frankly I might have to agree.

I dont think she fully understands how much fear/sadness/pain/worry Ive had to deal with when it comes to my teeth and my life growing up because of them. So now that I am finally on the right track and can see light at the end of the tunnel.. Its like they occupy my every thought again .. but in a GOOD WAY .

Does anyone else find themselves feeling like this ? ..
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Hi Buell,

Yes! I'm obsessed too, and I'm only at the start of my journey. Well... 1 extraction and 4 fillings in... with 3 fillings, 3 wisdom extractions and 1 single implant to go! I now find myself brushing 2-3 times a day, flossing and antibacterial rinsing every day! In fact, now I'm at a point where if I don't floss and have food bits between my teeth for a while, it bothers me so much that I have to get it out. :yay:

I still have fear, particularly when getting these fillings done.... scared the dentist will find the cavities are worse than first thought. But Im getting a whole lot better at dealing with the nerves throughout the procedure itself. Funny thing is, the thing I'm most dreading is the clean and possible root planing after these fillings. :redface:

I must say though... it's fantastic to hear you are doing so well Buell. I read your story and you are an absolute inspiration. Well done. :thumbsup: :jump:
It would probably be fair comment to say that dentally anxious/phobic people who find this website and then stick around for a while to help others, learn an awful lot more about dentistry than regular attenders.....sometimes this might seem like a new hobby or obsession ;) ....thousands of posts later....don't worry most people eventually get a life again....
I guess Its just now that I am comfortable about opening up about my dental problems.. its given me an interest in learning about all this stuff ...

as mentioned my fiance thinks im crazy but i dont expect her to fully understand .. having not been in the situation I was/am in ...

even long after my treatment ill still be here :) i like this forum and id like to help others just as i was helped here :)
I haven't even started treatment yet... and I'm obsessed. My poor fiancé keeps wondering who you all are that keep me so fixed to the PC! And he keeps saying "your teeth... they're so white!" so I guess my new, 2-3 times a day, electric toothbrush, antibac mouthwash and flossing routine is having some effect! I shall never let these habits slip!

:) Buelle, you're right about the fascination with the procedures/terminology too, I find myself scouring the interweb for more more more info!!! better the :devilish: you know...
Hi Buell,
I smile as I read your post. I discovered this website while I was searching the web desperately seeking information on dental anxiety. I had hid my terror of the dentist for years and thought no one would or could understand how I felt. When I found this website, it was such a relief to know I wasnt alone and I wasnt weird. And then when I found my awesome dentist, I was on top of the moon and went from avoiding any mention of the dentist to wanting to talk to everyone about it. My fear of the dentist has been one of the greatest demons in my life and it feels soooooo good to be able to deal with it.
I smile at you too Alley at your mention of being glued to your PC. My husband, who has no fear of the dentist, does not quite understand my fascination with a website about dental issues.
Hi Guys!

I fear I can see myself becoming like you guys. I have gone form being terrified about stepping through the door, to having had an appointment and I am now itching to get my treatment done and sort these teeth out, to the point where I am considering some cosmetic work once my mouth is healthy!

I can so relate about not even being able to have a conversation about the dentist, when people would take about dentists I would try and change the subject without them realising, but now I think I could actually join in!
you guys have all hit it on the head :)

I feel like all i can do is read stuff about dentistry .. even if i dont have the problems some people describe here .. I still wanna know about em .. it seems like its all I talk about with my fiance and whenever Im at the dentist office .. Im always asking questions about this or that

Ill tell ya this .. It feels SOOOOO good to be talking about it then how it was when I used to cringe and get cold sweats whenever the subject would come up :)

I am so thankful I took that first step .. My life and my self esteem has improved by a million .. I find myself smiling so much now ..

I mean I have a bit of a ways to go but Im so damn happy .. I love it ..

if you had asked me just 6 months ago if I thought I would ever say I love dentistry and love going . I would have thrown up on the spot .. now its a reality .. So awesome
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Well, I wouldnt go so far as to say I love denistry lol!
I will say though that I never imagined and I mean NEVER imagined that I would be able to say I had a dentist that made me feel safe. That has literally transormed my life.
And I just love the changes I see in my teeth now. They look better than they have in years.