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question for those who might know about "restoring" a tooth



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Mar 27, 2014
I have a new dentist that I"m trying to work with.

He says he wants to help me and will do work at my pace, i.e. I told him absolutely no work that requires dental dam or extremely long time in the chair. He is accepting of this.

I have a broken tooth #31, it was a white filling from years ago, at least half of is gone and I thought it would have to be extracted but he says he can probably restore it without a root canal?

How does this work? he's just calling it a filling. But if my roots are alive won't he have to remove everything....

I'm nervous
If the nerves of the tooth are not affected and alive, then your dentist should be able to do a filling.
thank you,

i was just concerned because another dentist that I consulted said it was beyond fixing ,then he says he can fix it. I was coming to terms with having an extraction :p