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Question for those with dental implants.



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Jul 9, 2022
Hello, would appreciate some help with some questions from anyone who has a dental implant. When the crown was installed on your dental implant, was it installed temporarily, and then attached permanently at a later date, or attached permanently right away? Did your dentist talk to you about why your crown would be attached permanently or temporarily? Did your dentist tell you in advance whether the crown would be attached permanently or temporarily? Thanks
Hi, just commenting because we have spoken about this (I can't answer), but I have question. How was your crown attached to the post that's in the jaw? Is it screwed in from above? The dentist I consulted with last month showed me a fake mock-up of what it looks like, and I was getting so much thrown at me that I couldn't totally concentrate. The crown he showed me had a hole in the middle. The post in the jaw had an abutment I guess sticking up, and he said when I came in for the crown placement, they'd remove a cap over the abutment and sit the crown with the hole on it and screw it down with a screw into the post. Then what would fill up that hole in the crown - resin or something else? That was the confusing aspect.
@FrightenedJerk My crown is screwed in from above into the post in the jaw (which is the implant itself). There are three parts, the implant, the crown, and the screw. I understand some people have an abutment, which is a fourth part, that is screwed into the post, and then the crown is connected to the abutment. The hole in my crown is filled with a wad of teflon plumbing tape and then sealed with resin or composite filling material, it was referred to as filling material.
@NervousUSA Thanks. Well then I guess as far as my issue with using resin composite (which has a coloring agent), I really can't avoid it - it'd either be in the fillings or in this. Oh, well. :mad:
@FrightenedJerk I don't think that is necessarily the case. I think amalgam could be potentially used, because when I saw full metal dental implant crowns online they had a fully metal appearance, they didn't have a tooth colored circle on them where the screw hole would be. I also have a fully ceramic crown, and it might be different with different crown types. I would probably try asking a few dentists about this, in case there are different options.