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Question - night guard



Well-known member
Dec 22, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I was wondering if what is mentioned in this article is true? They say you shouldn’t wear a night guard that fits only on the front teeth.

The TMJ specialist I started seeing a few months ago as given me a TMJ nighttime orthotic device that puts a space for my front teeth, but doesn’t cover the rest of them (pre-molars and molars). At least I see him every few weeks now, so any change should be noticed, I would think.
The evidence suggests that changes such as that are rare when wearing nights only but have been reported in patients wearing them more extensively and those who don’t get regular follow ups.

TMJ and occlusion type stuff is somewhat contentious in general and people have very strong opinions as to what’s best.
Your specialist will use what they have good experience with and will be best placed to talk through any issues.

I wore one like mentioned for a while and it certainly helped with my clenching symptoms?