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Question on dental calculus removal? Very nervous



Junior member
Mar 18, 2022
I have not been to a dentist in 9 years. I am only 27 years old and I have an appt set up but I am very nervous and don’t know what to expect. I have what I think is dental calculus build up on the back front teeth, despite brushing my teeth daily I’m not sure how it got to this point. I will attach a picture but I am terrified to have them removed. I am scared once it is removed my front bottom teeth will fall out or need to be extracted. Could this possibly happen? Has anyone ever removed this or had it done and all their teeth were okay underneath? Please help with any advice or experience. I have watched some YouTube videos and sometimes it looks like the teeth are super lose after a cleaning and I just want to know what to expect. I know I need to go to a dentist obviously just want to know what I’m walking into and if I will lose my teeth. Thanks!


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Hi @Amandapanda7

I think Gordon answered your question a little while ago - you may have missed it as I merged your two threads! You can find the answer here: