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Questions about having cavities filled



Aug 10, 2007
Hello again, my new firends...
I have another question for everyone. I am going back for the other part of my deep cleaning on Monday & Tuesday, and them Wednesday I am having 4 cavities filled on the right side of my mouth...and next week, 3 more cavities filled on the left side of my mouth. I am going to try to stick it out with novacaine ONLY. I'm starting to worry now about 2 things...1...is novacaine going to TOTALLY numb it and I won't feel ANYTHING during the fillings...and 2...what will the pain be like AFTERWARDS!!?? Is this something that will be very painful because I am having so many fillings done at once? How long is this going to take to fill 4 cavities?...how long will it hurt after...and how bad will the pain be after?
I'm hoping I'm making a lot out of it like I did before I ahd the deep cleanings...which wound up being not bad at all...but I'm getting really bervous about it. Thanks, and please be HONEST about what I should expect!
In my general experience, I find the linocaine works perfect. Once and awhile you may feel little tingles but nothing substantial. If it becomes troublesome the dentist will quickly give you another shot. I kind of enjoy the numb feeling myself. As for post-op you can expect a little soreness and slight sensitivity which goes away at varying rates for people. I had 4 cavities filled the other day and it took about 45 mins -1hr. In retrospect it was no family vacation but not that bad either . I wish you the best!
Thanks, calg5000...I'm more worried abou tthe AFTER pain than the actual procedure! I can't take ibuprofin (advil or motrin) because of stomach issues, and I have a feeling tylenol isn't going to help...so I worry about what I'll do for relief if it is painful.
Not wanting to be too indelicate, but there are other ways of getting painkillers that don't involve putting stuff in your stomach... your doctor should be able to advise. Ibuprofen and other painkillers can be administered by suppository.
if it helps sometimes the other way of taking tablets is more effective too,i think :confused:
when i was in hospital with a severe kidney infection i had them the other way and it really helped. gordon was it a coincidence?
No, the other way can be more predictable, sometimes the stomach acids can damage the chemistry of the painkillers, they are supposed to be coated to prevent this but there can be variations in the coating, or they could stay longer in the stomach and so on.