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Questions for Dentists regarding PIP's Root Canal



Jul 1, 2012
Florida USA
I have been searching for various technology because I have a lot of dental work to be done, at least two possible extractions, and in addition a couple of root canals followed by restorations.

Since I am very phobic I am looking for hopefully a dentist that is a skilled oral surgeon, endodontist and restorative dentist as well.

It is difficult for a phobic to try and build trusting relationships with a number of dentists all specializing an many areas.

Another thing is that I am seeking a dentist that has a good deal of skill and knowledge of the latest technology that makes things faster, cleaner, the least invasive, and the least likely to need numerous re-treatments.

So I came across a technology called PIP'S LIGHT WALKER which apparently is a laser that is efficient at cleaning and disinfecting the tooth during a root canal. I am not sure if it also involves files but I plan on looking into this.

If anyone has information or experience in this method or technology please let me know.

I am also interested in dentists who have informative knowledge on the "ISOLITE" which seems preferred method over the dental dam.

Thank you in advance for your take on this.

Not sure if there was actually a question in amongst that lot?

Taking your first point, what you want to find is a caring and conscientious general dentist, who will most likely have a network of similarly minded specialists to refer to and will act as the main link between the specialities.

PIPS is a new way of cleaning and sterilising the root canal system. It doesn't remove the need to file the canals but (it claims) to allow a smaller diameter file to be used.

The trickiest part of a root canal treatment is finding all the canals, which is why using a microscope is so good. PIPS doesn't make any difference here, so I think in the big scheme of things, it's a bit of a sideshow.

The Isolite is not a replacement for rubber dam for endo, like your PIPS laser, it's a nice addition to what is available but is basically a bit of a gimmick.

My take for what it's worth is that the person using the gadgets is the most important thing, but you seem to have got yourself fixated on the toys instead :)

Latest technology isn't necessarily superior, the newest technology might be untested and the tried and tested methods might turn out to be best after all.

Root canals as done by dentists or endodontists today use among other things old technology, such as files and gutta percha points, and these work: root canals have a very high success rate and durability.

There used to be a different way of doing root canals, that was supposed to revolutionize everything. This involved filling the root canal space with a special paste. Gutta percha had been used before that, and when the paste turned out to not be such a great idea, they went back to gutta percha.

People walk around with 40 years old RCT teeth just like mine, and I find that very reassuring.

Best of luck with your treatment!

You have proposed an interesting question. The most important thing is the dentist you select. I have used many advanced technologies but there are also many that are trying to justify themselves and others that require the dentist to change his treatment plans to make it "work". I think that the right dentist is one that evaluates new technologies and techniques and changes as justified.
Thank you all for your replies.

I guess this is part of my phobia and panic. The wisdom tooth has been bothering me for 4 months and there is other work to be done.

I have made phone calls, and I saw two dentists. Well the first time I saw a dentist it was just a "concierge" in a fancy office with a lot of gadgets and had xrays, a CT cone scan and all that but never even met the dentist.

The suggested an oral surgeon for the extraction.

So I get a second opinion, more xrays and a nice dentist to talk to but he uses only articane for a mandibular block and is very pro sedation but does not seem to understand that I sedate much easier than most people on very very low doses.

Then I get sent to an endodontist, more money and more xrays and nothing resolved.

I just don't know where or what to do next. The panic escalates to the point of not sleeping and only eating soup so I can keep my mouth clean that I brush and floss 4 to 5 times a day.

So how do I find the right dentist? Yes I was looking at gadgets and technology because some seem comforting. I don't want to keep getting more and more xrays which cannot be healthy either and not find someone who just does some of the things dentists her suggest on lower meds, not using articane on a mandibular block, and being sensative to knowing I cannot be shuffled around to find even more gentle oral surgeons and endodontists.

I wish there was truly a referral program where these specialists would also be gentle and work I don't have to run around taking more xrays and trying to get to know dentists and specialists. One for extractions, one for root canals, one for restorations. I am so frustrated I am starting to wish I never made the first call.

Hopefully these abcesses will just heal up with good hygene because I am at the end of my rope and spend every day thinking about teeth and crying. :cry: