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Questions regarding IV Sedation



Junior member
Jan 31, 2007
I've just been to the dentist for the first time in 15 years as I'm having trouble with a decayed back wisdom tooth. They tried to save the tooth, using root treatment, but the paid was to severe and they decided that the tooth should come out.

I was due to have the tooth extracted tomorro afternoon, but after spending the whole night away and panicking, I decided to cancel the appointment and speak to the dentist again.

I've now been offered IV sedation in a week and I am petrified, really am. I don't know what to expect, don't know how I'll act. I remember getting a general about 15 years ago ( the last time I ever visited a dentist) and came too singing and swearing.

Will this happen this time? Will I do anything I'll regret when under sedation, I suppose that is my main fear, that I do or say something pathetic or silly or angry to or towards the dentist or tell them my deepest secrets.

I don't know why, but its playing on my mind.

Any advice?
Don't worry about it. It's perfectly normal for people to blabber on a bit under IV, but nobody takes it seriously, nobody is offended and absolutely nobody will think any less of you for it.

Think on it as being like getting drunk with your best mates :)
hi jamie
i had 3 sedation appointments to begin with 2 of which were fine . the third one from a sedation point of view was fine too,but thought it might help you to know i cried whilst i was having mine. it wasnt through pain or fear either just me miss understanding something so if the worse did happen dont worry your not the only one good luck :grouphug: