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Questions regarding moulds??



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Aug 22, 2011
Ok, so I haven't been to the dentist yet... I'm probably about 99% certain my teeth will be removed and I'll have to have dentures or implants... would prefer implants!!!

My original top teeth are crooked so if and when anything gets done and moulds are taken will they give me crooked teeth again? Or will I be able to have straight teeth?

What are these moulds? Are they like dental trays filled with goop? Do the trays touch the roof of your mouth? How long does this have to sit in your mouth for? Are the moulds like mouth guards (that don't touch the roof of your mouth)? I have a VERY sensitive gag reflex... Moulds and foreign objects in my mouth will only make me gag severly!!
All I keep picturing is a mouth full of goop with a plastic guard covering the back of your throat to stop it from being swallowed!! o_O

Is it possible to have the moulds done under sedation or do I have to be awake? :cry:
Yes to straight teeth.

Moulds are also called impressions. Nothing blocks your throat. You can breathe easily. Distraction is a great technique. They don't have to stay in all that long. Loads of different materials on the market. I am sure the specialist you are seeing will have tips and tricks since you say he treats a lot of patients with gag reflex problems. You are thinking too far ahead, meet him first. Your teeth may also be more easily savable than you think.

Some of your gagging issues at least could be mainly caused by your fear of the dentist's reaction coupled with your embarrassment at what happens outside your control based on past experiences. So with the Right Dentist for you, this tendency could be radically reduced simply by virtue of the trusting relationship between you.
Some people think gagging is reduced if you lie down believe it or not, while others think it is better to sit or even stand up and walk round the room....whatever works for you.
One of my biggest fears about the dentist is the fear of gagging. I am petrified of throwing up so I am afraid something at the dentist will make me do that. Of course when I have the panic attack at the dentist it makes me feel like I cant swallow....so it is a horrible vicious cycle.
However....I have gotten through the molds a few times. First of all my dentist has almost flexible mesh molds....so the days of those huge silver things are over. Sometimes I have had to keep the mold in for 30 seconds....the longest is 5 minutes. I usually sit up in the chair....I have had peoplehold my hands.....remember to breath through your nose. One time I took a picture of myself with the mold and sent it to a couple of close friends with a text to distract myself.
I am not saying it is easy......I will be just as freaked out the next time I do it....but I KNOW you can get through it if I did.

Good Luck
Yes I have sedated patients to take impressions so it is possible
How are bottom moulds done?

Right now I"m really struggling to eat and it's mainly due to my bottom teeth feeling like they're gonna fall out if I take a bite of something... one tooth in particular. Hate trying to eat...

I would like to go forth and at LEAST get my bottom teeth taken care of - removed - whatever they'll do to me and get bottom dentures... those can't be as gaggy as the tops can they? So how are bottom moulds taken for those dentures? :confused:
According to our posters, bottom dentures are much harder to adjust too as there is no suction to keep them in. Not really thinking that's a good plan for you. The impressions (moulds) for me where easier on the bottom. Goop in a tray, bite down, slow deep breaths through your nose, my dentist made me look him in the eyes and focus......