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Questions regarding my tooth extraction site



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Dec 1, 2015
hello i just got my first upper premolar on both sides (the one directly behind the canine teeth) extracted for braces last week. i'm getting the braces put on this saturday. my teeth extraction sites are healing properly but what got me worried is there's a hard bump on one of the extraction sites, like on the gum just beside the extraction site,i was thinking maybe is a bone fragment but it doest seem like anything is trying to poke out from the gum and i got to see my extracted teeth after the extraction, the teeth is in perfect shape no part of it is broken or missing. luckily the gum is not exactly hurting, when i use my tongue to push against it, it just feel like there's something there and have a slight dull ache. Can anyone tell me what is that bump? is it normal to have a white stuff in the teeth extraction socket after a week? Thank you:)
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Hi :welcome:to the forum.

Yes the white stuff is normal and means that you are healing well. All you are feeling is normal. If the person putting the braces on thinks there is a problem with the extraction site they won't proceed if it will interfere with your healing. Try not to worry it sounds like things will be okay :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly::butterfly: