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Questions regarding recent treatment



Junior member
Sep 24, 2013
Hi, I do not have a fear of dentists exactly my problem is that I suffer from a number of mental health issues and until November of last year had not seen a dentist for over 10 years.

During my appointments last year I was lucky, I had to have 1 top right back tooth pulled, 2 fillings replaced and one new filling on my top right lateral incisor. The extraction and filling replacements were fine but the new filling never felt right and the tooth that was previously problem free I started to suffer from severe sensitivity and occasional pain, I went back shortly after was done but was just told to use sensodine.

Last Friday I went for my checkup and noted slightly increased mild pain in my front right lateral incisor. Was given an Xray and the dentist ( which never explains, asks or tells me anything ) just said “its quite deep I’ll have to perform a root canal, for now I’ll just have to replace the filling” she then replaced the filling and said afterwards actually that should be fine, if the pain doesn’t go in a few days come back.

Within an hour of leaving, I was in severe writhing pain, not just from the top right lateral incisor but from my top back right teeth and around my bottom right molars. As she said give it a few days I waited till Monday before going back.

She did some work, as usual only after telling me what she did afterwards. She had removed the filling and the nerve in the tooth and applied a temporary filling and given me a prescription of antibiotics and told me to come back in 7 days for a root canal.

Again within an hour I was in severe pain, however this time ibuprofen are having no effect, while in the bathroom I looked in the mirror and to my amazement found that the dentist has been working on my top right first molar not the lateral incisor. I am now suffering severe pain from both teeth, struggling to eat and only being able to drink with a straw and going out of my mind with worry about facing this woman again.

Sitting here writing this touching the tooth that has been worked on with my tongue the tooth feels loose, there’s defiantly some movement in it. I also can no longer close my jaw, the tooth that has been worked on appears to have grown, which is hurting my right jaw quite a bit.

( on a side note at the time I found out which tooth she had been working on I kinda had a meld down while my mum was on the phone to the dentists reception and I think they heard what I was saying which if I haven’t been struck off already could make the next appointment rather awkward )

Should I go back, should I go elsewhere ?

Any advice on some pain relief I can’t take any more paracetamol & codine and ibuprofen 400mg is having no effect. I’m 6’1”, 17 stone former rugby player, during my life I’ve broken my collar bone, foot and arm, I have a curved spine and live in a constant varying degree of pain every day and have done for many years and I live with it, I’m no wimp but this hurts a lot and each time I seek help it is getting worse, I’m also a little hungry and very deprived of sleep.

Please note regarding asking, saying things or conversation wise with the dentist is not possible due to a social phobia and a degree of agoraphobia among other problems I suffer with, my dentist is aware of this and there is no one able to accompany me.

Any help not matter how small is appreciated.
Go to another dentist and get a second opinion,I've been to many in my life and that one is not up to scratch.For a start everything should always been explained before treatment to get your approval.Most dentists will do this without you having to ask.
Much dental diagnosis requires questioning and conversation between patient and dentist, if this is not taking place then the dentist may be finding it very difficult to work out the cause of your problems.
If you are unable to discuss issues with the dentist would it be a benefit to try and write down the events that have occured and give it to the dentist?
If you have any questions you could add them and ask for a written response.
Changing dentists won't fix the problem unless you also find a means to communicate with the new dentist.
Best of luck