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Quick Question for now regarding salt water



Junior member
Aug 14, 2007
HI, i'm new and yes I am a phobic of dentists! Ok just a quick question for now. Does gargling with salt water once a day bad for your gums or teeth?  I'm just wondering since I started using warm salt water mix over the last few days and have noticed that in between my two front teeth now it looks like either something is stuck or ??? It doesn't bleed when I brush or gargle, it just now looks like this little bit of brownish stuff  :confused: Could it be from the use of salt water? or is it/could be more then that? I guess I'm just wondering if there are any ill consequences in using salt water to gargle with or if i should use something else? Thanks kindly.
It doesn't have any effect on your gums or teeth, some slight evidence that it's beneficial if you've just had surgery in your mouth, but that's about it.