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quick question



Jul 26, 2015

I just have a question. I had all my teeth removed during the span of 2 weeks. My last appointment was last Sunday. Every extraction went well except for the fact that I noticed something strange. After i got home and looked in the mirror. I could still visibly see that there are still bumps on the lower left side of my mouth where my molars were supposed to be. Its as if teeth were still there. My dentist had difficulty extracting my teeth because they were breaking everytime she tried to pull them out. My teeth were broken into the gum line before the extractions. My dentist told me that my teeth were all out and she stitched them to promote faster healing. The lower right side of my teeth has clearly thinned out as a result of earlier extractions, but the other side, the left, is still bumpy and visibly larger and wider. I cannot go through another round of extractions. Im panicking and nervous. I was elated because i thought the extractions were over. I cannot go through this again. She also said that bone was still prominent. I didnt know what she meant.
It will heal and gums will shrink. it is possible that some bone is left but that is all fine those will either
get out by its self or you dentist can remove it later. in my cast I pulled most of those on my own it was
just annoying. Don't worry if your dentist said all are out its out.
Thank you for your reply. I was worried that i have to get extractions again. I will have my stitches removed this Sunday.

Anxiously waiting for impressions and my brand new teeth!