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raised filling on root canal



Mar 23, 2024
It is a week after my RCT and I am still getting pain in gums on under and around the treated tooth. By day two or three post treatment I identified that there was a problem with my bite, and called the dentist who agreed it needed to be looked at and suggested I make an appointment. Unfortunately, the earliest I could get (thanks to the bank holiday) is tomorrow morning.

I haven't been able to chew on the right side of my mouth all week, so I don't know if eating on that side will be a problem, but when there is definitely soreness and sensitivity in the gums and surrounding teeth. Is that normal following RCT? Everything I read says the pain should have settled down by now, unless the treatment hasn't worked.
Hi, even though most people are better after about 48 hours, it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for a root treated tooth to settle down. Hoping all will work out well for you and best of luck for tomorrow!
Thank you. I saw a very nice dentist who explained that the filling was a little high and she gently smoothed it down. She also explained why I was getting other symptoms (some of it was bruising at the site of the injection).

When I left my bite and tooth felt almost back to normal, however something changed later in the day and it feels weird again... not debilitating / worryingly weird but just as if my top and bottom teeth aren't fitting together properly. I've just decided to live with it!