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Raised lumps of creamy, fibrous white stuff after extraction?



Junior member
May 8, 2022
Hello, I am hoping someone can advise me. I have had a lot of pain from a lower molar for about seven months. First the dentist said sensitivity, then he said infection and drilled and filled (very deep) then the infection came back and he had to extract. I have had so much pain from this. I tried to slip away from him by sliding down the chair and was sobbing with pain on all three visits. I am now dentist-phobic as a result.
I had the extraction three days ago. I was given no after-care instructions whatsoever. I have had to google everything. I am definitely changing my dentist after this.
After the extraction he did place some white ribbons of dressing in the socket. I am now getting lots, and lots of foamy, creamy white stuff that builds up during the day, raises up over the gum line to a level where it almost looks like a tooth and then rolls off and then you can see the socket until it starts building up again.
The pain is there but getting better a bit each day. Still on ibuprofen and paracetamol though. Question is, should I be worried about this white stuff? I have googled and I know white stuff is normal and healing but does it usually rise up above the surface and roll off like a small, wet tooth sized ball of cotton wool? I am very worried about getting dry socket - although I don't have enough pain. Could this be the dressing working itself out please?
Could be the dressing or some granulation tissue, hard to say without looking at it I'm afraid.
Thanks for replying! It's very soft and like wet cotton wool like with fibres, builds up as high as a tooth and rolls away cleanly in a ball when it gets to a certain size. But nothing to worry about? I've googled granulation tissue and it doesn't seem to rise up as high as a tooth in the pics I've seen. Just seems to sit in the socket?
Definitely nothing to worry about. Any chance of a photo?
Thanks so much for replying again! I am very pleased to say it has now settled after two "large pea-sized" lumps of very white fibrous stuff I now have a socket with a lot of off-white coloured stuff with a black dot here and there that looks more like granulation tissue. So I think we have progress! I think it may have been some kind of dressing. He used two pieces. It happened twice. When it fell out of the socket it did remind me a bit of aquacell dressings when they got very wet. Still going to change dentists though. I've gone from being someone who was happy to have small fillings done without a local anaesthetic to someone who now physically shakes when she gets in the dentist's chair - because of the intense pain I have had on the past three visits.
@Vehuel hey was the tooth infected when they pulled it out, and are you out of pain now?
Hi, there had been infection under a very deep filling in the tooth. So, yes, it was infected and had been for several months. So, it was sore for a long time before (in varying degrees from mithering to excruciating at the end). It was also tender and needed pain relief for about a week after (aparently I have very long roots so this might not be so long for others). I am very comfortable now. It was a bit of a journey but glad I had it done. I couldn't have coped with that for much longer. But I am still, now, very nervous of dentists. I will be changing my dentist soon. I've lost a bit of faith in mine - it took too long, too many appointments and hurt too much when I went.