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Random Question for The Dentists on Here



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Jun 18, 2014
Indiana, USA
Do you guys, as dentists, have dental phobia or fear or anxiety? Random question, but I am interested!

If you want to add what you are afraid of, that's cool too, and if not, that's okay!

I am afraid of pain. Not a phobic but it is a great concern to me when sitting in the dental chair.
same here.
I can face dental treatment but am very apprehensive.
Interesting timing on this question as I just saw a dentist for treatment on Tuesday. The doctor had been treated recently and it didn't go well at all so I was contacted and agreed to take over treatment and had to revise what had been done. Since the previous treatment had gone poorly the dentist did have some anxiety over the procedure.

As to myself I decided while in school having had hours of treatment by fellow students that there must be a need for a dentist to treat anxious patients. Me? Not bad as long as the dentist is excellent!
Thanks for the answers! Do you also tell nervous patients about your personal anxiety? How does your personal anxiety help you with phobic people?
Also, what advice can you give to us to make helping us easier? I am doing a short paper and trying to get more of an insight than just from a phobic patient's perspective. Thanks you for your contribution!
We inject on each other in school, at the start was a bit struggle, but don't mind being injected after that, topical gel helps as well.
That is something that I Icould never let someone do while they were still students in dental school. I realize that they have to practice on something, but I don't think that I could volunteer to be the guinea pig for that. LOL!