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Random tooth sensitivity and pain.



Former Member
About two months ago I went to the dentist and got four fillings. Three of them were normal and haven't caused me any pain. The last one, a molar on my bottom left, was very deep. My dentist told me that if I had severe pains, like not being able to sleep, that I might need a root canal. Initially, I only experienced mild pain that went away after a couple days. However, after a few weeks I started experiencing random sensitivity throughout my teeth, not just my molar. In the last recent days, the molar that received a deep feeling has begun to randomly hurt, an aching feeling. Sometimes it occurs after I eat something cold or hot, but other times it happens out of the blue. I haven't been experiencing severe pain, but it worries me a lot.
My next regular appointment is in October. If something is wrong but I don't feel anything major, is it bad to wait until then? I don't want permanent irreversible damage.:dunno:
I don't have an answer for you but I just posted something really similar. I had 3 fillings done like two weeks ago and I am having the same issues. But I seem to ONLY have discomfort when I chew food. Not when I bite down or anything. I feel like a nerve is exposed. When I went back to the dentist a couple of days later to have them check they did tell me that I had no decaying so that is good. I don't know what is going on but I am going back soon if it does not get better. Initially, the left side hurt and the right side was fine. Now, the left side is getting slightly better but the right side hurts. They told me to give it two weeks.... Its almost been two weeks. Sorry about this! I hope that things get better and they figure out what it is.