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Rant: Dentists who don't listen!!!! and try to sell you things you don't want!!



Jan 7, 2017
Rant: Dentists who don't listen!!!! and try to sell you things you don't want!!

My phobia started because of orthodontists...long story short, I've avoided them at all costs.

Getting married soon and wanted to get rid of white spots from braces on my front teeth. Dentist referred me to an orthodontist who does a new treatment to get rid of these white spots... decided to go to this person only because my dentist went himself and swears by it.

Went and the office was nice, dentist was nice, staff was nice, but it seems like the dentist just couldn't get her mind to wrap around the fact that my phobia is an issue... I told her that I would need to take an anti anxiety drug prior to the appointment, she kept insisting that I would be fine, that there was no drilling or shots required, ect, ect.... LADY YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!! Kept pressuring me to get it done right then and there when I wasn't mentally prepared to do the procedure... ugh people sometimes :mad:

Then when I kept asking questions about the procedure, efficacy, science behind it, cost, ect, she just kept trying to convince me to purchase a retainer for my bottom teeth... went on an on for an hour (i kid you not) about how my teeth would become crooked one day.....


Still gonna do the white spot treatment but good golly gosh lady!!!!:giggle::giggle::giggle: I told you a million times I didn't want a retainer, take an obvious hint please!!!!


Junior member
Dec 16, 2016
Re: Rant: Dentists who don't listen!!!! and try to sell you things you don't want!!

Urg, sorry to hear about your experience. It is possible that she may be onto something about needing a retainer, but pushing you into it is unprofessional. I was told once I need a nightguard (and they're probably not wrong as I grind my teeth) but had they gone into a lecture about it, I doubt I'd ever take another dentist seriously.

I feel like a lot of health professionals still don't understand anxiety. I was told once, "just don't think about it". I'm like excuse me? Do you not understand how anxiety works?

If you can, I encourage you to post before/after pictures in Success stories! I'm lovin' the before and after pictures on this site.