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RCT Crowns



Junior member
Mar 23, 2010
I’m due to have 2 root canals this afternoon, and for those who have crowns on root canalled teeth, how long have they lasted?

I’m having no pain from the 2 teeth which need to be treated, this only showed on the X-ray when I went with another issue (previous root canal tooth not crowned).

All my issues are arising now from what it seems an NHS dentist overfilling my teeth over 10 years ago. My brushing/oral hygiene is fantastic, I’m just maintaining those teeth which were worked on 10+ years ago.

Anxious and fed up, seems never ending.
I’m in the US, so I’m not sure if my experience will be different. My actual root canal and the restoration has lasted close to 30 years now.

The crown fell off about 15 years ago, but the build up lasted that long. My anxiety kept me away from just going and getting the crown re-seated.

It finally broke about a year ago and I had to face it. Gotta say — with the right compassionate professional, one’s anxiety decreases GREATLY. the repair was a breeze

I’m thinking technology and procedures and products have greatly improved since then.
Well woops. I didn’t see this was “ask a dentist “. I’m sorry. 🤦🏼‍♀️. But from a patient perspective, I hope I helped