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Re treated root canal today SEVERE pain even on lorcet plus



Junior member
Jul 4, 2013
Had another root canal on an upper rear tooth today. Prior, the tooth was broken, then temporarily filled. Followed by a root canal. Pain persisted for the last year. Dentist could find nothing wrong but agreed to check for a missed canal. Today he did that. I left after the procedure and about 1hour later, the pain started. I had a script for lorcet plus that we filled quickly. Since leaving the dentist about 5 hrs ago, I've had 2 lorcet and am still in excruciating pain. I had a root canal 2 weeks ago on another tooth and it did not hurt like this.

Its a holiday and I hate to bug my dentist. I'm also terrified of just what's happened. I use gas and sometimes Valium to get through. My big question is...should I b in this much pain? I've iced up. I have literally cried crocodile tears in pain, and that's just not me. :cry:

Also the gland inder my jaw is aching too. Meds are making me nauseated.

Do I need to do anything or is this normal after my procedure? :cry: :confused:
I've had over 10 root canals and have never continued to have the kind pain you're describing after the root canal was completed. If it were me, I'd call my dentist tomorrow. Maybe he needs to refer you to an endodontist. Did your dentist use a microscope to look for missed canals or cracks? Those things aren't always visible on a regular x-ray and might be responsible for your pain.

Reading your post really made me think about our attitudes and how we hate to 'bother' the dentist (or doctor). I have worked in computers my whole life and I am ALWAYS on call and reachable. My salary is meager compared to a dentist, and I work 5 days a week. Why do we put them on a pedestal? Just last week I was at the grocery store when work called me. I put all my items back and proceeded to drive back to work. That's just the way it is...and my work doesn't involve human beings or people in pain. Surely patients are more important than computers, and we should feel free to call them when we are in need.

Good luck...and call your dentist!
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

Go back to your dentist you should not be in this much pain.
Apparently, it was an awful inflammatory response. I had my son pick up some ibuprofen for me and took 600 mg. within an hour, I was completely out of pain and have been since. Crazy how bad it hurt though. I surely wanted to just yank the tooth.