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re-treated root canal



Well-known member
Apr 20, 2009
Hi. I just read Plum61's question about root canals and it got me thinking about mine...
I had mine done in the first place due to dental error and then it had to be re-done by the same dentist's second dental error... grrrr...
My question is: how long can re-treated root canals last? It's a lower second molar. Could it be forever? Or is it always a short time? My endodontist will only guarantee 4 years, which makes me scared.
Anyone else have any experiences with re-root-treated teeth?
Thanks :)
Btw, I think I've become addicted to this website... I've never posted to websites before etc but I look at this one many times everyday; it's helping me through a really bad time with my teeth...
If it's done properly then it should last for life. My RCT is 25 years old this year.
is that the same for a tooth that's been treated twice?
Assuming it was done right the second time round - yes, no reason why it shouldn't last a lifetime.