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read my name



Sep 23, 2007
i am terrified to go to the dentist. so terrified in fact i am having my husband type this for me. My teeth hurt and my husband says my mouth looks like a vehicle assembly line but he don't mind. He also says soon it will look like a swamp if I don't go to the dentist and get things taken care of. My last visit was fine except for the fact that i need to have my wisdom teeth removed.
The visit to the dentist i can handle, the thought of surgery freaks me out. Not surgery in general but surgery on my teeth is what bothers me. how do I get the courage to go?

and how do i get her to go?< husband speaking.....


Sep 22, 2007
There was no one more frightened than I was...I shook for weeks knowing I had to have all tops removed and was terrified of it...I cried in chair, was so upset...
Let me tell you, after sleepless nights, attacks of fear durning the day, loss of wanting food... I finally did it...
How? The dentist was great, his staff were great, Valium he prescribed was great before hand and I was pretty high...didn't care much what they did, it was over so quick, 9 teeth out including eye teeth...and new ones in right away!
I was so proud of myself...
proper meds before hand and a good dentist and a great hubby and you got it made...
the only thing to fear is fear itself! I put a facecloth over my eyes and didn't see anything they were doing...
Oh, and the new way they do numbing, I didn't feel even the needles! Including 10 stitches when they were done!
God Bless...and please go, you will not be sorry!


May 20, 2007
I don't know how many years it is since you have been able to get yourself to a dentist, but my fear meant that in 50 years I was only able to go once when I was in absolute agony 39 years ago, and then only a few months ago when I knew I just had to do something, found this board and somehow got the courage to get up and go. Best thing I ever did. I'm probably still scared stiff of dentists as my name implies but common sense tells me that if I had to go through it all again, I wouldn't hesitate. Dentists' attitudes and their equipment has come such a long way. In most cases too, people's imaginations run riot and they all expect their teeth are so much more worse than they really are. finding the right dentist for you is the key, and then everything else will fall into place and work out for you because you will have faith and confidence in your dentist. I'm betting when you get the right dentist, you will want to change your user name straight away. Look forward to reading further messages from you as you carry on with your dental journey. But make no mistake, finding this board can be a godsend. You get so much support and reading stories of people who have probably had to go through what you might, really will help.  I know that although common sense told me I had to go, it was only through finding this board that I got up the extra courage to go, as well as purposely telling practically every single person I knew that I had to go to the dentist so I couldn't possibly let them down, let alone myself.:grouphug: