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Reading, Berkshire



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Jan 1, 2005
Dr. J Desai, Gypsy Lane Dental Practice, 5A Gipsy Lane, Earley,
Berkshire RG6 7HF
Tel: 0118 966 5656/3944

"After 18 years avoidance of all dentists - and following at least 12 months
of internet searching/procrastinating - I made the first phone call to this
dentist. Recommended by 2 different people, (both strangers with dental-phobic children)- I am now halfway through my course of treatment- which has included fillings, an extraction, deep (and I mean deep) cleaning, perio chips, root canal work.

This dentist has not hurt me!!! - He is very calm and confident. (I have attended as a private patient, as I felt I did not wish to be 'rushed' as per my previous experience with the NHS system.)"
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Hello to all. After a long gap of nothing happening, I am pleased to report that I too am off for treatment at Gypsy Lane in Early, Reading Berks. Website: https://www.gipsylane.co.uk I am being looked after a guy called Hitesh Chandegra, who is simply LOVELY! I urge anybody to give him at least one fair try. He has been so kind and loving and patient on the three times I have met up with him and his team so far, and my experience of having an examination with him a few weeks ago was my best ever - he held my shoulder the whole time and did not let go until I left the chair. At last, somone who is with me rather than pushing me through an ordeal!! Well done Hitesh. Although a bit nervous, I feel cheered that at least Hitesh and his team are committed to looking after me and making the experience as pleasent as possible. Thanks too to everyone at Bluberry in Bracknell who helped me to get to this stage. (Their website is: blueberrydental.co.uk )

My appointment is for 25th November 2011, so fingers crossed this time!! xx:)
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Hello to all on this site, and hope someone will find comfort and use from this message and my recent experience.

I finally made it to this dental practice in Early, Reading, and successfully went through a deep scale and polish under mild IV sedation.

My dentist, Hitesh Chandegra at this practice is simply LOVELY!! I urge anybody with the phobias that I have had to give him a fair try - he is so gentle and loving that I strongly believe that the biggest wimp can be passified by him.

Gypsy Lane dental practice can be contacted at: www.gipsylane.co.uk
Their telephone is (0118) 966 5656 or 3944

Due to the IV, I needed an escort and no-one to rely upon at the time, so I used a local nursing/care agency to help out. They were equally lovely, and my nurse Sarah, was impeccable!!

Bluebird Care can be thus contacted at: www.bluebirdcare.co.uk

Their telephone is (01932)567593 (for the Chertsey Surrey office); other areas throughout Britain can be found on their website.

Hope this helps anyone out there, and do feel free to write to me if you want further information or support.

Love Simon (Surreyvwphobic, Surrey UK)xx:)
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