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really need your help (bad teeth) is it too late ??



Junior member
Aug 25, 2020
my english is bad , sorry .

well , idk where to start to be honest . i'm 21 years old and i have very bad teeth . that's because i didn't take care of them ( not brushing for years , not flossing ).i am ashamed to admit that the i brushed my teeth less than 10 times for 21 years , stupid right ? and i didn't floss at all ! . so lately i started to have a pain from them and it's so annoying and i regret that i didn't take care of them. i cant stop crying and i didn't eat for 5 days or something and i don't want to live as all im thinking about what i did and i'm stupid and i don't deserve to live .

i haven't been to the dentist in years and i was not caring about my teeth . so now that i'm aware of the importance of my teeth and what i did is a crime to myself ( though i wish that my parents forced me to take care of teeth , but im not here to blame anyone expect myself ) . so after realizing that what i did is a crime , i really now don't know what to do , i feel what i did is irreversible and i'm so scared that i'm going to lose my teeth . now i really want to change that but i don't know if its actually possible . i'm so scared from going to the dentist and being told that it's not possible , its too late . i'm really scared that i have teeth disease or something that can't be cured .

aside from the pain , i don't know if i can describe it but my teeth generally not in a good shape
( i cant stand looking at them ) , i have between my teeth and gums something like a rock , its black and solid and i tried to remove it by myself but i failed ( i can see them in the upper front teeth , i don't know if they're present somewhere else ) i feel that they cant be removed unless i remove the whole teeth which is something i don't want to do or experience.
also i have bleeding from my gums .
i also feel that my teeth is so week .
the upper teeth seems bad but not as bad as the lower , they're totally a mess . they're not lined up correctly and it gives my the feeling of an old man , i don't know if this can be fixed or no as i want to do every thing to my teeth and gums health and i want to reverse what i did . please give me your thoughts and help me .
I first went to the dentist when I was maybe 7 and recently at age 24. I didn’t take very good care of myself for a little while because of depression and I was very upset about my teeth too. You’re not alone in this. I went to the dentist and I thought I had a million problems but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I managed to find a nice dentist who is good with nervous, scared patients who haven’t had a dental appointment in a long time. She doesn’t judge me at all but she is happy I’m finally getting into the habit of better dental health. I wanted to try and forget about my problems and pretend they didn’t exist but it’s better to fix things as soon as possible and I am glad I booked a dentist appointment.

I’m not a dentist but the black thing you mention could be hardened tartar? If it is then it can be removed by the dentist. I just had this done today. I had some black stuff stuck to my teeth too. It’s called scale and polish. The dentist scraped off all the nasty stuff on my teeth and gums and they look a lot better.
Please, please don't give yourself a hard time. Teeth seem to be the most temperamental part of the body, and I don't think most of us with a lot of dental work realize it until we need dental work. (Our hands don't require constant attention, or or kidneys ... you get my drift.) So it's no crime AT ALL. A dentist should be able to get your teeth into some kind of stable shape. And I'm not a dentist, but my first thought was that the black stuff may be tartar,which as Samereynolds mentions, may very well just need to be scraped off. We aren't born knowing these things about teeth. Please don't kick yourself!!!!! Let a dentist care for you now.
I just saw that your post is from a while back. Did you go to a dentist? How are things?

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