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Really scared about having my tooth finished



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Jun 27, 2014
Hi I had a tooth that became accessed bad the dentist did a root canal then put a bunch gauze in it and a temp filling over that. Well I have been terrified every since and have not gone back to finish with the real crown and all. How long would be long for me to wait it get the tooth finished and can it get infected again and what happens if it does get infected how will they get the gauze and that out without getting into my system? Please help I am really a super big chicken here. I had to be knocked out to have the root canal because of anxiety and this time I don't have the money to be knocked out for the rest of the procedure.
the tooth is one of my eye teeth on the top .
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Normally you should have the root canal finished within a couple of weeks. Your dentist should have told you when to come back. If you wait too long the tooth can get re-infected. You don't have to do the crown right away though. After the root canal is filled the tooth can be built up with a composite filling. The piece of cotton inside of your tooth is smaller than a lentil bean. Its really very simple to finish. You've already been through the hard part.:)