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Really scared and looking for advice..



Dec 7, 2014
Hi everyone

I am sat up at 2:30am for the second night running with terrible tooth pain. I went to the dentist earlier because the pain was so unbearable and was prescribed amoxicillin and a temporary filling was put in place. So far - it’s not made a difference to the pain.
Ive suffered with a dental phobia most my life. The dentist told me today I need multiple extractions and dentures.
I honestly can’t deal with even considering that right now. I don’t know what to do.
Any support or advice would be so welcomed. Thank you
(EDIT: Oops just noticed your post is old! Hope everything went well!!)

Hi msb3,

I'm new to the forum (only signed up yesterday) and don't know a lot in terms of dentistry to advise about your specific situation but just wanted to offer you some support and let you know that you aren't alone.

I haven't been to the dentist for 12 years and have an appointment booked in less than 2 weeks for a consultation so not had my diagnosis of issues yet (absolutely dreading it). The advice I would give you is to focus on the outcome and less on the journey if you possibly can. I know that is so much easier said than done and not something I'm even really managing to do myself yet.

Think about the day you have a mouth full of nice teeth (even if they are dentures) and you can do big toothy smiles! When you're at that point, imagine also how brave and accomplished you're going to feel for getting through it!

Try to take things one step at a time so it doesn't all seem so overwhelming.

Best of luck
How are you feeling this afternoon It?

It will most likely take a day or so for the antibiotics to begin to work and hopefully then the pain will ease. Are you taking regular pain relief? Clove or something like a bonjella may help to numb locally a little. Try to keep it clean even though it might hurt to brush.

Try propping yourself up a little in bed aswell as the increased blood flow at night when laying can make the pain worse
I hope the pain you are currently experiencing will go away soon. It takes a day or tow for the antibiotics to have an effect but eventually it does.
I think things will term around once you find a dentist you can trust. I would not necessarily rush into extracting multiple teeth. Maybe it is better to start with only one tooth which is causing the pain?