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Really scared by tooth abscess relapse



Junior member
Oct 13, 2022
United states
2 months ago I had a pimple with pus next to my back molar that had a root canal treatment like 15 years ago. I had absolutely no pain. I went to endodontist that told me I had a hole in my jaw bone and a big infection. He did a root canal retreatment and gave me some antibiotics. 2 weeks ago I went to my dentist to have my tooth prepared for a crown and after that my gum was very sore and 2 days ago a boil formed and pus came out. I contacted the endodontist that gave me some antibiotics but didn't say anything more and didn't see me. Now I'm terrified that the antibiotics won't treat the infection and that it means that the retreatment was a failure. I'm supposed to have my crown placed next week but I guess that won't happen... I don't want to have my tooth pulled out. On top of all of this the root canal treatment and crown used all my insurance so everything now will be paid fully by me. This is really scary.
Is there still a chance my tooth can be saved?
Sorry to say, it's not sounding good. There may be other treatment that could be tried, but the chances of succes may not justify the additional cost. Let your dentist know what as happened as he may want to put the crown fit on hold until he has assessed the situation.