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Really worried about pain - Dentist feedback, please!



Junior member
Nov 19, 2019
New York
I have had pain in the upper left teeth (and often the palette, cheek and/or ear on that side, too) for nearly two years now. Sometimes it feels like all of the teeth, sometimes it seems like one particular tooth (in the area of 13/14). Sometimes it's an aching, sometimes it feels super sensitive. It seemingly started after a traumatic appointment where I got a crown (on either 13 or 14, I can't remember) and the dentist couldn't get the tooth numb. I've been to three different dentists and have seen an endodontist twice. They all say that my teeth look fine. I just had a full set of xrays in October (attached) and again, my dentist said all looks fine.

(I have had a ton of dental work because my jaw was broken during wisdom tooth extraction, had to be wired shut, and then I was too scared to go to the dentist for several years after I got the wires off. For the last several years, though, I have been diligent about getting cleanings every 4 months and brushing and flossing twice a day, every day.)

Anyway, they keep telling me my teeth aren't the problem but they're not telling me what the problem actually is. So each time the pain flares up, I start to get really worried again that it IS a tooth and it's just been missed and the problem is going to end up being really serious by the time it's finally figured out. Yesterday I got tremendous pain in my jaw that led to all of my top left teeth being sore to the touch, so much so that I couldn't brush them before bed. Today there's just one that still hurts, the one that got the crown at the traumatic appointment and that I have ascribed much of my problems to, so my brain goes back to worrying that that tooth must be infected or need a root canal or whatever. How do I believe that there's nothing wrong with my teeth when one or more become so painful so often and there's no other explanation answered?

Should I see another dentist to be sure or do I just trust at this point that my teeth are indeed fine and this pain is something else? (I saw an ENT on my own to make sure it wasn't a sinus issue and that doctor said it wasn't... but again didn't say what it was.) I get SO MUCH anxiety every time the pain flares up, worrying that something really bad is brewing in my teeth.


naturally I cannot diagnose anything without seeing you in person but my impression is that it is probebly might be a tooth after all. The fact that you had so many dental treatments without any root canal treatments, makes it more plausible.
I would check again all upper left teeth with an endodontist.