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Recent Dentist Visit - Deceptive Practices - Advice Needed Please!



Junior member
Oct 20, 2020
New Jersey
In brevity timeline:
1 - Woke up last week with extreme tooth pain, called a local dentist for immediate appointment and they were able/willing to see me same day.

2 - Scheduled same day appointment and was told $50.00 for a limited evaluation to diagnosis which I was more than fine with.

3 - Went to appointment, issue was diagnosed and was told cost is $650.00. One extraction and one root canal.
They were ready to do immediately but I was NOT ready, just did not have the cash on me and they were willing to write me a script for pain meds in the interim of appointment. Scheduled appointment for the following day.

4 - Came for my appointment the next day, sat in dental chair and front desk personnel comes into room and required payment upfront before anything is done. I was fine with that, really had no choice. So I paid her $650.00 while in chair and she said she will email me receipt in 5 minutes, not a problem for me.

5 - Cosmetic* dentist came in (same women I did limited evaluation with) to do root canal and completed.
*Per dentist.
Afterwards, the Endodontist came in room to do extraction and that was fine too, few minutes.

6 - Procedure was done and right before I am about to leave, cosmetic dentist told me I have to come back next week for second part of root canal which will be another $350.00.

This was a total shock to me and was certainly deceptive and nobody told me a second visit was needed with more money.

All thoughts/opinions/advice are much appreciated!
Its normal for root canal to need two appointments but its deceptive of them not to tell you the costs beforehand for sure. I'd raise that with the practice manager
I agree that it is normal for root canals to take two appointments but in my experience they quote you the price up front for both. That said, $650 for a root canal and an extraction is very cheap! My extraction was $375, at the dentist...higher at the oral surgeon. My root canal was $2000 without insurance. Insurance paid half of it.
If you are not comfortable talking about it with them, I would send an email or letter, telling them that you were upset at how that was presented to you.