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Recommend best toothbush! Are Asda 10p ones really bad!??

There's a sale on all over for the Oral B electronic one. I just don't fancy it. I can bare things like that in my mouth. The vibrations knock me sick.

My dentist says my gums are ok, and that's from a lifetime of no toothpaste and just manual brushing.
Scary things could get worse with age though. Maybe they won't now I have my toothpaste from America that I can just about tolerate without vomiting. (Though it's sickening and horrible....:cry:)

I've never seen a hygenist.
Have seen an NHS dentist every 6 months for my entire life, yet have NEVER been told how to best clean my teeth by anyone, or given a scrap of advice on preventing problems.
Any knowledge I have has come from the internet.
But that suits the NHS just fine.
They WANT our teeth to rot, and actively encourage it, so they can make money by doing fillings and other expensive work.
I speak from personal experience. :mad: :mad: :mad: