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Recommendation please for caring dentist in Essex



Junior member
Aug 23, 2012
Hi, I need restorative dentistry and am so scared. Have many many bad experiences even as far back as a five years old ( which I remember as if it were yesterday ) when a dentist held me down and pulled about five teeth out . Can anyone recommend a caring considerate dentist who is well qualified to undertake restorative dentistry please? Thank you
Hi Milliemoo :welcome: go to the top of the page on the links tab there are dentist recommendations on there, hopefully there is one in your area. If not I am sure someone will come along soon that may be able to help you from your area.

You can also try e mailing dentists near to you or within a distance you are able to travel to, see what feed back you get. If you like the look and sound of any of them than you can contact them by phone to make an appointment. A lot of people have found dentists this way. Most dentists today are very understanding and will do all they can to help us. I think you may be in for a very nice surprise when you do manage to go and see one. They will make sure that any treatment is pain free and that you are comfortable with the treatment you may need. I, as have others on here had bad treatment as children and sometimes as adults, but we do manage to find good caring and sympathetic dentists and get the treatment we need.

I wish you all the best with your search, good luck :butterfly:

I understand how you feel, and I hope you find a dentist soon. We can offer you as much support and encouragement as you need.